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>> Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've come to terms with the fact that my house is pretty much in a constant state of halfway finished projects. My poor husband. My poor baby. Here is what we have on the docket these days, the projects narrating for themselves.

Remember my chairs? I made a white slipcover for one and then they discontinued the fabric. Then I decided I was too lazy to constantly wash slipcovers anyway. So I bought some outdoor fabric, ripped my hands apart stripping the chair, and here is where we are today...
Can you believe the one thing that is holding me up is staples? Only available online...annoying. Sourcing all of the componets has been the toughest obstacle. I could not fathom renting an air compressor and staple gun for $100 for a day when I could own both for $150. So I am now the proud owner of this...
My husband jokes that I need to start a tool renting business in our building. Who lives in a high rise and owns an air compressor and pneumatic staple gun? This girl.
Remember my swagged Ikea chandelier? Well I decided I hated  that too. So I made this contraption.
The main fixture is West Elm, but the shade is made of two giant, oval embroidery hoops and a piece of strathmore paper. Best part? It covers the swag and allows the fixture, as a whole, to be centered over the table. yay!

And lastly, remember my new tv stand? Not 100% finished, but it does currently hold the tv.
I decided I liked it better sans doors. So I had to sand down some imperfections on the green, thus the discoloration on the bottom. I still need to touch that up. And this pretty little number is on it's way to adorn the drawer, which I'm pretty pumped about.

And that is the current state of projects in the Sabbe household. To think we joked that I would have nothing to do since we were moving into a practically brand new space....ha, ha, ha. Like Jenny said, it's a sickness.

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