Call Me Crazy...My Husband Does

>> Friday, July 29, 2011

I am supposed to be unpacking this week. We made it to our new apartment last Saturday, I like it here. But last Monday night, when my husband was on call and my baby was asleep, I got distracted by some upholstery video I happened upon. So I pushed pause on unpacking and started doing this...

He thought I was even more crazy when I showed him how I could potentially need a tetanus shot. Upholstery work is seriously dangerous.
My mom came to town on Tuesday. With a full time baby holder in town, I pulled approximately one billion staples and the chair now looks like this...
5 yards of this is scheduled to arrive today....
If you plan to come visit me any time soon, we may not be unpacked, 
but we will have AC and a pretty new chair.

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