>> Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Do you guys follow Orlando Soria's Instagram? You should. He uses the hashtag #victim liberally and it's hilarious. I saw this on the Humans of New York Facebook feed today and had to share.

"We're all victims of the architect. Architecture is the only art that you can't help but feel. You can avoid paintings, you can avoid music, and you can even avoid history. But good luck getting away from architecture." 

Whew, I feel passionately about this one, especially after house hunting over the past month. But I think my issue is more of a disclusion of an architect and mass take over by the rubber-stamp-builder. Either way, #victim.


To Market, To Market

>> Monday, October 13, 2014

I am going to High Point Market in North Carolina this weekend! Are you? I am very excited. I have wanted to go for years but being in Boston with two little babies and a husband in residency made it basically impossible. But now that we're back in Nashville, I'm there! Say hi if you will be there too.

Speaking of Nashville, my oh, my you have gotten so cool in our absence. I read an article Saturday afternoon about the Biscuit Love Truck that is parked in the front of White's Mercantile on Sunday mornings. So after church we made a beeline that way. Bryan and I both had The Princess, so good.

And White's Mercantile, such a well curated space! Reminded me a little bit of Hudson in Boston, but more general store-esk. In heaven, I will roam through one continuous general store. I spent an hour this summer in Alley's General Store on Martha's Vineyard while my husband threw Cheddar Bunnies into the back seat to keep our children at bay. I bought a set of blue gingham napkins and held out hope for the entire 60 minutes that I was going to run into the Obamas. Did not happen.

I am very proud of this pretty city I grew up in, although this level of coolness has only left Bryan and I acutely aware of how uncool we are. He cannot grow a beard to save his life and I have had one too many kids to attempt to wear my jeans above my belly button. Unless mom jeans worn by actual mom bodies is coming back, I got that:)


Big Sister's Room

>> Monday, September 29, 2014

I often say that as long as I keep a steady flow of little girl clients, I will be 100% fine being a boy mama for life.  I was a Phi Mu in college, so I feel very well versed in many shades of pink:) Did you know that Shelby in Steel Magnolias was also a Phi Mu? Thus the love for blush and bashful. There is a scene before she leaves for her honeymoon where she looks at her composite. We had a slumber party in college where we froze the scene multiple times for verification. Miss Katherine is only three years old, but she is already pretty firm in her love of pink and pink. (photos by Michael J. Lee)

During one visit a couple of weeks ago I wore a skirt and Katherine said "Stephanie, you look like a princess today." Best compliment I've received all year.


Nashville! + new projects + my favorite room ever

>> Friday, September 26, 2014

Whoa! Moving 1000 miles with two kids is not for the weary. We finally landed in Nashville this past Tuesday and after a couple weeks of shuffle, waiting on our furniture to arrive, I think my sweet boys are totally confused about life:) They both started preschool and today I asked my oldest what he thought. His answer, "No, I don't like it (his favorite response these days) Do you think they have a school in Marfa's Binyard?"

I also just wanted to let those who have asked (and those who haven't!), I am taking new work in the Nashville area now for late October. For a glimpse at some of my more recent projects visit my website at sabbeinteriordesign.com.

And now for the good stuff. This room is in a new construction home in Wellesley, MA. We are making our way through the entire house, room by room, but I started this past spring in the kids' rooms. I had a vision for this space from the start, which may be due to the fact that I have two little boys of my own. The key was, my clients (who also happen to be good friends) let me take my time. I wanted the room to feel very collected, and unique, but like it had always been there. And that kind of design does not often happen quickly. In the end, I have never wanted to say "never mind, I need to keep this room for myself" so badly. (photos by the talented Michael J. Lee)


Mi Casa

>> Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Psych, I don't have a house and I took Latin in high school. BUT, I've been day dreaming a bit. 
My dreams look like the above. Especially that guy on the bottom right. Would that not be the most awesome design studio? It's just perfect. They are all pretty perfect. 

We've actually been doing more than dreaming. Our sweet friend, Leigh Ann Emerson has been running all over town looking at things we find on the internet for us. Can you imagine what a terrible client I would be? She once sent me PDF plans for a house that we came really close to making an offer on. This lunatic had them in CAD with full phased renovations drawn out within 24 hours, all the while sending Leigh Ann emails like "what do you think about this kitchen layout"..."no this one"..."THIS is the one". Leigh Ann also went to design school with me. She's a saint, we're so lucky to have her.


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