Mustache Art Tutorial + WonderUnder

>> Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some of you asked for a little how to with the WonderUnder. It actually comes with some really great directions on the package, but just to get you to go out and buy some, I am going to show you some kitschy art I made this afternoon. Have I fascination...with the mustache come back? Does this paparazzi style photo I snapped of this stranger clue you in? I don't know why, I love the mustache. It makes me laugh every time, and Mr. Sabbe and I were thinking we needed some sort of mustache related art in our apartment.

So I started with four of these hoops. Very cheap, $1 a piece.
I cut a piece of WonderUnder and ironed it to a solid fabric. Then I traced a mustache on the paper and cut it out.
If you rip the paper it makes it easy to pull off the fabric. The fabric will now have a sticky "iron on" backing.

After you have ironed it to your main fabric, do a zig zag or straight stitch around the applique. Zig zag is better for making sure it never frays, but straight stitch will work and make sure it never falls off in the laundry. I didn't stitch my mustaches, because I will never wash them.
They do make us laugh. What is your favorite 'stache style? I don't think I'll keep them up forever. Luckily these little hoops lend themselves nicely to rotating art.

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