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>> Sunday, January 31, 2010

My new thing is doing a better job of committing things to memory. This includes everything from scripture memorization, to remembering how my TomTom got me to Ikea. I have also been making a better effort at actually studying design imagery. Whether it be magazine or blog, being a full time interior designer means I am inundated with fantastic imagery. And too often I smile, and say wow that's nice, I have to remember that {fill in the blank}....and then I don't. This week Brooke posted imagery from Anne Turner Carroll's kitchen that was published in the last issue of Cottage Living.

As I was studying these images I came upon a genius idea that could save a lot of kitchen renovations a lot of money!

She not only reused her existing cabinets, but she came up with the awesome idea to move them to the ceiling (if blocking is already there, that is an easy switch) which made room for that adorable shelf, but still left her with closed storage to hide all of the ugly things. I LOVE it! Seriously, love it!
Every client I have ever worked with would love to run their millwork to the ceiling. No one likes that dust shelf that a standard overhead cabinet creates. But running millwork to the ceiling is expensive. And that's why this little DIY is for sure going in the vault.

She sealed the deal with that thick crown molding, and my ever favorite white subway tiles. Good job Anne! Thanks for sharing Brooke!

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