Etsy! I Finally Did It!

>> Thursday, August 27, 2009

This week has been eventful!

I FINALLY started an Etsy shop. Visit my Grand Opening. I haven't listed the big idea I talked about a month ago...still too hot. It will be there soon, so come back. I started with something I know I know how to make (which is probably a good idea when trying to sell something) BAGS! I think Tennessee people are still my biggest blog readers, so this first edition is for you. Get it while it's hot!

And...drum roll please... I got a job! It's really an "in the meantime/until the architectural world gets out of the hole" job, but I am SO pumped about it. It's at a cute little bakery down the street from my apartment. And the best part is, they know I'll eventually go back to Corporate America, and are cool with it. Other jobs I've interviewed for want me to say oh, no, I'll never go back to that world. Bleeeh, who needs a 401K and profit shares. I totally will go back, but I'm excited about this little sabbatical. It allows me to still teach my sewing classes, work on my Etsy shop, take free dance classes, and persue other fun things I couldn't, while working for the man.

More to come in the Etsy department! Stay tuned.

UPDATE: someone just bought the bag, so I'm back to zero items in the Etsy store. I promise to get it stocked up asap. come back, come back.....

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