So I Think I Can Dance

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monday, Mr. Sabbe and I were strolling down Newberry in the middle of the day {doing what unemployed designers and husbands who work night shifts do} and there were some tap dancing street performers. They were good. And they were making some money.

I told Mr. Sabbe if I would have worked a little harder in my Hip Hop classes this past spring that could have been me {and he laughed}

This morning while clicking around the internet I found the Dance Complex in Cambridge. And I'm reading, planning when I can get back into training....and I come across their Work Study Program. eurkeka!

What do I have a lot of?....time!

What do I have a little of?!

For every hour you work for them you get a voucher for an hour of class! Ahhh the benefits of being unemployed in a major US city. So I'll probably be on the next season of So You Think You Can Dance....OR {more likely} on the corner of Newberry and Fairfield. I'll keep you posted.

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