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>> Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in our bedroom reading, feeling kind of sad that I would not get to rock baby #2 like I did, and still do, Remi. We read Remi two books before bed and then I sing to  him. It is a part of his routine, and while he might not miss the actual rocking motion, I'm just not sure my "This Little Light of Mine" rendition would be as good sitting still.

So anyway, baby #2, our little baby in a closet, in my head was again getting the shaft. We do not have room for another chair in our living room but I knew we did have some fluff space in our bedroom. I had centered our headboard on one wall and after we got our nightstands it left about 12" of unused space on each side. When you are a city dweller, 24" of underutilized space is a huge deal. So last weekend we scooted everything down. That same weekend I just happened upon this tutorial, measured  and realized something like that would fit perfectly on one side of our room. The only catch was (I know I'm cheap) but I was not super excited about spending $200 on an Ikea chair and then another $100 on a glider base, when I could spend another $100 and get an already assembled glider from Target.

So I thought of my Bemz post and jumped on Craig's List to see what might be out there. And low and behold there was the same chair they used in the tutorial and it read "has been sitting in a random corner of our house, hardly ever sat on." So I sent Bryan out to pick it up and it was true to the post, it looked brand new. We gave the slipcover a quick wash and for $75 we had a new chair. 

Second was the base. This was what the tutorial used. I found the exact same one on ebay for $48 after shipping. Add in another $10 at Home Depot for the wood we added to the base. $133 later, baby #2 will also get to hear to musical stylings of his off key mama while in motion...
We moved one of the nightstands into our bathroom, which we will use as a changing table (I'll follow up on that later). So the only bummer was, I didn't have a nighstand. And again, being frugal, I didn't want to buy one. Remember all the crates I bought for storage in our last apartment, which we affectionately called mega wall?
Well finding a spot for all of those crates in our new place has been somewhat of a challenge. They are not exactly baby safe. So I took two that were full of things that we do not need access to on a daily or even monthly basis and one empty and made myself a little nightstand.

It's a tad lower than the other nightstand so I stacked a couple of books under my lamp so that the two lamps did not sit at different heights (little designer pet peeve). And alas, it was a win-win. More baby in a closet updates coming soon as well as a glimpse at my first antique auction experience with this crazy lady this past Saturday.

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