DIY Re-Upholstered Office Chairs {before and after}

>> Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If you live in Boston and do not read Crocodile Tears you are missing out. Keyse basically pulls everything cool off of Craig's List and does a weekly round up post. It. is. awesome. And she's funny. She calls people out for posting pics with crap all over their furniture, or my pet peeve, when someone puts $1. Nothing is ever $1. A couple of months ago she posted two retro, metal office chairs someone had listed for $15 in Beverly MA....$15! The next morning I snagged them up.

In the beginning I thought I would just leave them red. They were cute enough. But after I made the headboard, they started to look a little too much like something you would see in an AutoZone shop. So I rummaged through my stacks of remnant fabric and pulled out a gray linen blend and gray-blue cotton. I set Hulu to play through all the new Office episodes and before they set up the new Sabre store I had this.
The one thing I did realize after the first chair was complete was that the red leather definitely hid the natural bulges of the foam and batting better than the linen. But oh well, I was half way there.
They are not perfect and the metal polish did not quite work as well I had imagined it would. But I really like them a million times better than the plastic Office Depot chair that used to live there. And for $7.50 a chair, you can't beat it. Here they are together.
p.s. Whose messy office is that in the background?? I came across this print a couple of months ago. 
I'm pretty sure it was made just for me.

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