I'm On a Boat!

>> Monday, April 2, 2012

It's actually been a very long time since I've been on a boat, excluding a 45 minute architectural boat tour we took in the fall. Mr. Sabbe and I both were pretty big water babies growing up. When we lived in the south we were always working our way on to someone's boat for the day. True story, when I was working in Nashville a few of the young designers, including myself, decided to leave early on a Friday and go ride jet skiis on the lake...in our work clothes! {It was a huge firm, no one missed us} Since moving to New England we have not met a single person who has a boat...well, except some neighbors in the South End we once accidentally eavesdropped on discussing their boat. But due to their chain smoking into our window and late night domestic disputes, that relationship never blossomed.

But just in case someone invites me on their boat this year, I've decided to get a pair of these. 
They were very popular when I was in college but I never submitted to the trend. Eight years post college and three years in the preppiest city in the country, I'm ready for some boating shoes for women. And thanks to one of my favorite fashionistas, I realize Sperry's are not just for boat riding-esk fashions.
 Did you know GQ voted Boston the worst dressed city in the country?
true story

Another true story- When I was in 6th grade the word "preppy" was a huge insult. One of the tough girls in my grade used to call me preppy outside the school bus window and I hated it. In retrospect, I laugh. Preppy is probably the least offensive word tough 12 year old girls are throwing out these days. 

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