Topsfield Fair {America's Oldest Agricultural Fair}

>> Monday, October 10, 2011

This past Saturday we took a drive to Topsfield, MA to go to the fair. 
 Remi was not impressed with Lil Sebastian. Probably because he's not from Pawnee.
Check out this jumbo pumpkin, I love the expression I caught on that guy's face.
And bless this one's heart. I get exhausted sometimes just feeding one little piggy. 
No wonder she doesn't care that there are flies on her butt. 
 Speaking of piggies. I come to fairs for pretty much one thing...
I'm also a big fan of the rides. Mr. Sabbe, not so much. As a former engineer, he thinks too much about it.
Not me, I woke up Saturday and announced, "I want to go upside down today."
 Mr. Sabbe prefers to focus his energies on more manly pursuits.
I love fairs.

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