Tell the World I'm Coming Home

>> Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No, no baby yet. But I did finish my little guy's "coming home" outfit.
Thanks Audra for letting me use your machine for the button holes! (mine is terrible). If you are looking into buying a new machine, a good automatic button hole function can make your life a lot easier. I used the pattern I mentioned here. I think it turned out sweet, although I give a mid level rating to the pattern and directions. I think I might make him a boy bonnet to go with.

I've already bought fabric to make him two more.
Green seersucker for Easter and black and white gingham just because I love it.
I enjoy staring at my new little creation. I make Mr. Sabbe stare at it with me.
I cannot imagine how much we are going to enjoy staring at our boy.

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