Flexible Art Display

>> Friday, March 25, 2011

I like this idea of using wooden hangers to keep flexibility within your art display.

Ironically, as we were putting some finishing touches on the baby's room last weekend, my husband turned to me and said "do you think one day we could hang band posters in Remi's room?" Which I think translates to "one day can I have a room with band posters on the wall." After seeing these little vignettes, I really like the idea. But with the baby's room almost complete, we may have to save it for Mr. Sabbe's future man cave.

And when that day comes, I know exactly where I will go. Mr. Sabbe has a friend from childhood/ high school, Justin Helton, who designs band posters for some pretty cool people....

Pretty awesome right!? Bryan always gets excited when we go to a concert and see his work.
Justin is also an alumni of the magnificent University of Tennessee. We churn out some good ones:)


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