Baby Tutorials {for my boy}

>> Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First of all, I made this blanket in about 5 minutes last week in my sewing class.
If I had a serger, I would make blankets for every single baby in the world.
Here are some other things on my list
more baby pants, because I don't think it's ever going to really be Spring here
Can you believe after all the baby shoes I've made, my guy has zero.
This tutorial has served me so well over the years.
I'm really liking the shape of these burp cloths, makes the most sense of what I've seen so far.
Freezer paper stencils have been on my list for a while. How adorable is the guitar tutorial?

Dana is amazing and there are two things I want to make from her arsenal of tutorials.

Also, he has a large shelf in his nursery, so I though some of these soft boxes would be nice
And for Easter, I think he might need a manly version of one of these.
39.5 weeks. Can you believe it?
This is before the anesthesia prom I told you about last weekend.
Dancing did not induce labor.

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