Mega Wall in the Making

>> Monday, January 31, 2011

Our mega wall's name was inspired by The Office's mega desk. As I have discussed previously, older Boston apartments do not come with storage. period. I have been pretty proud of our efforts to create storage in both of our apartments, but this one little wall has by far been our greatest creation.

Enter Mega Wall...
It may not seem that impressive, but look at how this wall (and room) was used before we moved in.
Boys lived here. One day I will give you the full tour. But you see now, much more efficient.

And it may not be obvious at first glance, but Mega Wall houses a ton of junk, everything from craft supplies, to design samples, and more. It is constructed of standard KV brackets from Home Depot and cut to fit MDF boards (also from HD). The entire wall was less than $100 to install. Remember our trip to Plymouth last summer? Those are the crates I got for $2.50 each.

And continuing my nesting efforts, I decided last night the crates were doing no good in terms of me staying organized if I had to dump them every time I needed to find something. So I made labels.
Organization really is bliss. My husband calls me a tornado...i.e. I'm not naturally the most organized person.
I stapled the top of the ribbon to the box, but left the bottom piece open in case I needed to switch out the label. Below is what I used if you want to make your own.
And here are some circles you can print.
You know what I love more than organization? Efficiency! Maybe it's years of space planning corporate office buildings, but when I can make a space super efficient, without compromising comfort or aesthetic, I am one happy designer.

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