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>> Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last week when we got home from the beach Mr. Sabbe proceeded to head straight back to the beach, one of the Boston beaches, with his friend Josh. I sadly had to stay home and catch up on work. But sometime throughout the day I found a major Craigslist score in Plymouth and when Mr. Sabbe got home this is how our conversation went....

Me: Will you ride with me to Plymouth to pick up something awesome I found on Craig's List.
Mr. Sabbe: {hesitation}
I mean who wouldn't want to sit in 5 o'clock Boston traffic during one of their very few vacation days!?
Me: You know the seller could be a total creepo.
Mr. Sabbe: {sigh, acknowledging that my statement was true} Can we go see the rock?
Me: Of course we can go see the rock!
Mr. Sabbe: deal
And we were off, horrendous traffic and all. But it was worth it.

In this scene I am pretending that Mr. Sabbe and I are the characters in The Notebook and he built me this house. Mr. Sabbe was not aware that this was the reason I made him pose in front of this house. I told him I needed a scale figure to show how big it was.
 Brace yourself, this part is a little anti-climatic.
Yep, no bigger than my coffee table. All weekend in the Adirondacks we kept pointing to large, jagged rocks and saying "now that looks like a Plymouth Rock." This did not look like a Plymouth Rock. And the story I have believed since the first grade is pretty much not true. It was kind of sad. And then there was this....
 All in all we enjoyed our time in America's Hometown and even managed to squeeze in a bit of this...
New England day trips are the best. Oh and my Craig's List find, I got 15 of these babies for $2.50 each.
Their new home will be posted shortly.

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