Mr. Sabbe Turns 30 + Walden Pond

>> Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This past Saturday my sweet husband turned a whopping 30 years old! We had a wonderful day that started with pancakes, presents, and lots and lots of cards. Then we packed our lunch and headed to Walden Pond. It was an unseasonable warm day and Mr. Sabbe had big plans of swimming in the pond along with the other New Englanders. Unfortunately growing up in the South has made us very intolerant to 60 degree swimming water, so we opted to wade instead. We wrapped up the day with dinner at Ginger Park and a surprise party at Burton's Grill. Thanks to everyone who came out! We'll get him to work on his surprised face a little more before he hits the big 4-0.

Thoreau had it right, I think I could hide away for a while at Walden Pond.

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