Two of a Kind

>> Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little over a year ago my friend Alicia gave birth to the two cutest little twin girls I have ever laid my eyes on. During her pregnancy Alicia was on bed rest and took up crafting in a major way and  began blogging. I think she is now the go-to girl for the applique onesies. She also put together an adorable nursery and I asked her to share a few photos of the space. First up, her clients....

Ridiculous right!? Her baby photographer is also amazing.
I want to save my pennies and fly her to Boston when I get pregnant.
Here is their room...
And here is the dresser in the picture above BEFORE.
And a painting Alicia did herself
I love all of the personal touches. So sweet.
Good news for Memphians, they are selling their super cute house. You should check it out.
And in case you did not absorb the cuteness in the first photo, here's another one for the road.
Thanks for sharing Alicia!
For all the mommies who are probably wondering, the dresses are from here.

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