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>> Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am zonked.
Working two jobs is making me very tired.
But I am really enjoying working with my first solo clients. I have even enjoyed the residential contractors. After working with GC's on million dollar corporate headquarters buildings, talking to a guy about framing up a new walk-in closet is easy peasy. I was going through some saved imagery tonight and found the one to the left. My clients are a young married couple. He leans modern and she more so on the traditional side. When discussing what we wanted to do in their new kitchen, she says simple and clean and he throws in but something fun on the backsplash. I think this image is pretty simple with something fun on the backsplash, what do you think?
 We also talked about looking at butcher block or other wood options for the counters. Could be interesting.

As is the case in most city dwellings, their kitchen is going to be a bit on the petite side. One of my other clients also has a very petite kitchen space, probably even smaller. And in my research to find appropriately scaled appliances I found Summit. Has anyone had any experience with them? I am pumped about this teensy tiny, but full height, stainless steel fridge I have specified for the project. Isn't it cute for an "apartment" fridge.

And good news! The Sabbes found a new apartment! We'll be leaving the South End for the Fens and we are really excited. Mr. Sabbe can walk to work and I can still walk to the mall!

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