>> Monday, April 12, 2010

A few weekends ago I told you that I was going to check out a new Boston boutique that I had read about in Elle Decor. The store is called J.E.M. Well we went, and we fell in love. It's one of those stores where you need to walk slowly to soak in every detail. It's a "found things" type store. These types of stores are my favorite, and this type of design is my passion. I want every project I work on to be 100% unique. The worst thing someone can say about my work is "oh, that looks exactly like _____" I feel like clients hire Interior Designers to help them create something one of a kind, just for them. And J.E.M is one of those stores that helps us do just that.

The owner of the store is the sweetest thing ever. I think we could have sat and chatted with her all day. 
You should go check it out.
And here was my partner in crime for the day. Why is she wearing glasses? I don't know. Ask her.

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