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>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I have loved M.C. Esher ever since the fifth grade when I used to spend hours (when I was probably supposed to be studying something) staring at this piece in the Bellevue Library.

I have always wanted to do some sort of M.C. Esher inspired design and today I thought of a fun idea, again utilizing the ever available, always affordable, contact paper.
It would be SO easy! and for those of you who are not big on measuring, I think you could eyeball this one.

White contact paper on a chalkboard painted wall {bonus: you could write funny things the birds might be saying}

White walls could work with colored contact paper.

Or you could mix it up. If I hadn't just finished the chevron, I would totally be giving this one a shot. I think the whole wall behind my sofa would be cool.
Burt Reynolds thinks it's cool.
Burt Reynolds, I don't care if you have a mustache, you should not be smoking in my living room.
Here is a template. If you give it a shot, email me, I want to see!

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