My Love Affair + Some Great Art

>> Friday, December 18, 2009

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, I love the city of Chicago. I am not sure what it is, perhaps the dream of designing in a city that has produced some of the finest American architecture to date. Or maybe it's my dream of taking up improve and performing with Second City, to one day become the next Tina Fey. Either way I l-o-v-e, love it and have told Mr. Sabbe we must take up residence there at some point in our lives.

We have friends {lucky, lucky friends} who matched in Chicago for their intern year of  medical residency. They married last February, she is an ophthalmologist and he is an architect. I am really pushing the "one year" time frame, but I am finally getting around to mailing their wedding gift and I must say...I really, really what we came up with. I found Hiroshi Ariyama on Etsy and he does the most awesome Chicago screen prints. Here are a few of my favorites.


The one with the Blue Line is the one we got for our friends.
Ahh Chicago...we'll be together one day.

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