Gifts That Will Get a "That's So Cool" Response

>> Friday, December 18, 2009

Handi Sleeve via Holy Cool : because it makes me laugh

Clothbound Penguin Classics, Great Expectations via Blueprint Bliss : because they are pretty + classic

Subscription to Ready Made Magazine: because even if the never do, people like to know how to make stuff

Nomsa Headband via Etsy: because it's so much cooler than earmuffs

Simply Salads by Jennifer Chandlier: because it's my favorite of all of my cookbooks

Mini Modern Classics: because they are cute and you don't have room (or $) for all of the full size ones
p.s. If you live in Boston, Aunt Sadies carries these for much more reasonable prices ($20-$50)

Laura George's Two print via Etsy: because I think it is romantic

6 Pack Wine Rack: because girls like 6 packs too

Personalized Mini Calling Cards via Moo : because they make it so easy

Retro, Active! MiniCards
 USB Skype Phone via Cool Hunter: because how funny would it be to talk on this thing while riding T!?

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