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>> Monday, October 13, 2008

Lovin' by the Bean

I kick and I stretch because I'm 27 years old

I see London, I see France...

In Your Face

Stop at a cross walk, drop sunglasses, both lenses fall out...keep wearing them to entertain the's his birthday afterall

We loveth the Corn Cobs... would live in one if I could

You know you married the right one when he lets you craft shop in Wicker Park on his birthday.

While missing Miss Zoe we visited some other cats in the Lincoln Park Zoo (it's free....everyday!) city ever, I'm telling you.

View of the city from Lincoln Park

Mom got us tickets to this Tommy Guns Garage Show....thanks Mom! It was really fun...and kept us feeling very young at our older'll see why later.

Bryan wasn't scared

Note the man behind the birthday boy..he, along with the rest of the crowd, celebrated his 28th birthday 50 years ago.

The next day I led a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright Houses in Oak Park.

I bought the book and volunteered to lead the tour...can you tell I really wanted a flag...can you tell I'm thinking this might be my second calling?

And look who we ran into! Mr. and Mrs. Watson.

And we all headed down to the Navy Pier.

No one would ride the Ferris Wheel with me.

But there were fireworks.

Then we headed to the top of the John Hancock Tower.

And devoured another birthday celebration treat.

Millie's church was one block from this little ball field.

I rang in my birthday (a now very historical date) in the airport...

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