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>> Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I have been quite busy this week, working on my portfolio and teaching vacation bible school. On top of that I finally received Eclipse in the mail, after leaving it on the train {errrr, three weeks ago} and re-ordering it on Amazon. So I'm probably going to be finishing that up in the next day or so. And Friday I'm headed back to the Big Apple! So much excitement I don't even care that it's raining....again.

But I couldn't leave you with no crafts for a whole week. Some of you had asked for tutorials for the onesie crafts. Know that hardly anything I've made is a completely original idea. I don't use a ton of tutorials {except the cloth baby shoe one, it rocks} But usually after I've made something {I think is original} I'll browse around the web and almost always find something just like it {or better} and often with a tutorial. So here are some of my favorite baby tutorials. I may add more as they come back to me. But this should keep you busy for a while.

Onesie Applique

Ruffle Butt Onesie

Cloth Baby Shoes

Bity Booties

Swaddling Blanket

Fabric Crib Toy Bag

Birdie Mobile

Soft Baby Cube

Ribbon Teething Ring

Baby Legs

Tag Blanket

Burp Cloth Tutorial I

Burp Cloth Tutorial II

Hooded Bath Towel

Girl's Pillowcase Dress

Messenger Style Diaper Bag

The Mother of All Diaper Bags

Cloth Diaper

Baby Bloomers

Baby Bibs

Diaper Changing Pad

Travel Wipe Case

Hooter Hider

Seat Belt Cover

Cloth Baby Rings

Lucy Goose

Ruby Doll

Purl Frogs

I don't see one with a ruffle skirt attached to the onesie, so you can stop by next week and I'll post a tutorial for that one. Maybe I have an original craft {but I doubt it}. Happy sewing!

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