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>> Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So you don't sew?! That's ok. I'm going to give this bag away!

Although I love this bag, I just made my Chicago bag and I think I'm going to keep carrying that one this Fall. So this bag needs a good home!

I love when people have giveaways on their blog. Although I never win. Last month was my one year blogaversary and I meant to get it out before them..but last month was a super fun, busy month and it just didn't happen. So happy belated birthday to my blog! Oh I just realized she has the same birthday month as Bryan and I ....the best birthday month ever!

One confession/artistic license.... I sewed one of the pockets shut. Whoops! So it's more of an interior decorative patch. But the other pocket is open and fully functioning. If you attempt to use the below pattern watch out for that.

Get it before Zoe claims it, you saw her with the dress.

Let's leave comments on "Why we love Fall"

I'll announce the winner Monday, October 13th.

Happy Fall!

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