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>> Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So I'm leaving for Chicago in the morning! I'm very excited to go to my favorite city and see my favorite man. We'll both become a year older while I am gone.

Last week I discovered that there is a store here locally that sells Amy Butler fabric. And we all know of my love affair with Amy Butler. So I went and I found a new love... Joel Dewberry.

The best words I can use to describe his stuff is yummy. You know when you love a fabric so much you just want to rip it off the spool and speed home to make something out of it (I know that's not just me) Well his stuff definitely had me constantly reminding myself to calm down...I was still in public...don't scare the fabric cutter ladies. So after too long of going around seeing what went with what I decided on this nice Fall pallet.

And I made this.

I've been wanting a big hobo bag for a while now and this one is big. I would take a self portrait, but I'm in my pajamas and southern ladies do not post pictures of themselves in their pajamas on the internet. I should write that in to Emily Post. Oh! one exception, if you made yourself and your child some sort of matching pajama outfits and you need to share with other crafters that would be ok....and maybe Christmas morning, but let's draw the line there.

Lost track, here is a close up of the back.

And drum roll please....I'm a name brand!

I made all kinds of pockets that close with velcro on the inside because if I loose my keys or my lipgloss in my own purse one more time I'm going to go crazy. The tags I ordered from Namemaker. Aren't they fun?! Artist sign their paintings, I sew made up business names into my crafts. If I ever open a shop, which I doubt I ever will because I never want to work on Saturdays, it will be called Sabbe Chic.

Zoe liked this one too. What can I say, the cat has an eye for fashion.

I started to try and make a tutorial out of this one but it got way too confusing. I'll take it a step back and do one for the Kate Bag very soon, promise.

I think it would make an excellent diaper bag! Hmmm, any preggos out there want to learn how to make one? It really wasn't hard, just hard to explain on the internet.

See you next week! I'll be much closer to 30 so be prepared for this blog to become much more wise.

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