Easy Fabric Bag Tutorial

>> Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So it's Fall and I've been talking a big talk since last Spring that I was going to make a bag pattern. So here it is! Finally! I work at an architecture firm and have AutoCAD on my home computer for those unfortunate nights when I have to bring work home. Luckily it doubles as a great pattern writer! If you give it a shot let me know so I can give you a shout out:) ( I used to think the phrase was shot out...as in used to I mean two weeks ago I thought that:)

I like the fabric for this one. It's fallish and apparently (which I think I've heard this two falls in a row) purple is the new hot color....which my friend Kate calls ir aubergine...which I think sounds much fancier. So I may believe it for the third fall in a row.

Pattern- not to scale

Fabric all cut out.

Cut those 2" squares out of the lower corners. Cut the stacked so you know they match.

Iron the raw edges in on your "Body Stripe" piece"

Pin to the center of your exterior body fabric and sew along both sides.

Fold good side in and sew along the left and right side.

Pinch the 2" corners together to make the bottom of the bag, pin and sew.

Trim seams

Flip. Done with the outside!

Now repeat that for the lining of the bag...but first we're going to add our pockets.

Place two of the pocket panels together and sew along three sides.

Tuck the raw edge inside and sew.

Center pockets, pin and sew.

Other side

Now we have our lining put together.

Place it on the inside of the outer shell, fold over twice (to capture the raw edge)

Pin on the straps (that you have folded and sewn) and sew around the perimeter of the bag.

All done! So easy! Happy Bag Making!

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