The Secret Life of Bees

>> Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ohhhh! My heart skipped a beat when my friend Melissa told me they were making a movie out of this book. I read this last year, in my pre-blogging days and absolutely fell in love. If you have not read it rush right out to your local second hand book store and buy it! If you have a book club make this your book this month...then you can all go out and see the movie together.

It deals with women issues, race issues, family issues, socioeconomic issues...all my favorite issues.

Make note of the concept of a "Wailing Wall". That piece in the book has helped comprehend how we are supposed to pray. I wish there were a stone wall behind my house, there would be little pieces of paper all in it.

Oh, invite me to your book club if you read this book! I am dying to talk about it now that it has resurfaced in my mind. Unfortunately I think my book club has disbanded. Are there any blogging book clubs out there? Invite me, invite me! I always read the books...even if I have to stay up really late and I'll read anything... seriously....I even read the book one girl picked earlier in the summer by Kafka. Cover to cover, blaaaa. Finished the whole thing and then read the Preface (which I always skip, lesson learned) which states that this book is one of Kafka's unfinished works....blaaa again.

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