Baby Shower!

>> Monday, September 8, 2008

This weekend we celebrated the soon to be Little Miss Kopriva...nicknamed for life by Mrs. Anna Nathan who it had monogrammed on her laundry basket. How cute is this preggo!

Mrs. Kelly Thorne showed her hidden crafty skills with this adorable clothes line gift. It all came in a wicker laundry basket with a bottle of baby clothes washing detergent. So cute! I told her it was a must post for my blog.

Here were the real party animals. Don't they look excited to be there?!

And the hostesses... my college roommates. Court is the first one to reproduce. We look like a Verison add (more bars in more places). We didn't plan that.

Ta-da, some of the decor. Note my attempt at an Edible Arrangement. I need a lot more practice in that department.

And...drum roll please....I FINALLY got the onesie cookies right! It only took me 5 tries. When I have more time I am going to write a blog on exactly everything I did wrong, what recipes I used, and how you can get it right the first time. No one needs to cry over crafts!

And my gift (part of it). The quilt on the previous post was a part of this gift, along with these bibs.

And these burp clothes.

I made some booties as well which I tried to make a tutorial out of. We'll see how easy it is to explain. They were similar to my Caroline Booties. I am going to try and draw up the patterns this week, I'll cross my fingers that it happens.

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