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>> Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Psych, I don't have a house and I took Latin in high school. BUT, I've been day dreaming a bit. 
My dreams look like the above. Especially that guy on the bottom right. Would that not be the most awesome design studio? It's just perfect. They are all pretty perfect. 

We've actually been doing more than dreaming. Our sweet friend, Leigh Ann Emerson has been running all over town looking at things we find on the internet for us. Can you imagine what a terrible client I would be? She once sent me PDF plans for a house that we came really close to making an offer on. This lunatic had them in CAD with full phased renovations drawn out within 24 hours, all the while sending Leigh Ann emails like "what do you think about this kitchen layout"..."no this one"..."THIS is the one". Leigh Ann also went to design school with me. She's a saint, we're so lucky to have her.

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