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>> Sunday, October 20, 2013

 Wahoo, we're going to the World Series!

Yesterday afternoon we had plans to go to a Halloween party in JP, but we also really wanted to try to go to the game. We live exactly one block from Fenway Stadium and on game days, especially game days like yesterday, it's hard to not want to be a part of the action. But after striking out with all of our sitters, we decided to do the next best thing- dress our boys up like a couple of Red Sox and take them for a walk around the neighborhood before heading to the costume party. And because of our up close and personal relationship with Shane Victoriano, both boys went with the "Pineapple." And boy did that pineapple perform

We love this city and are so excited to get to experience a World Series (fingers crossed we can actually get tickets) in our own backyard! Go Sox! Boston Strong!

And p.s. The Vols won yesterday as well! I may have teared up at that last field goal. It's pretty much been the greatest sports weekend of my life and I was present for the Music City Miracle

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