Martha's Vineyard

>> Saturday, September 21, 2013

 The first time I went to Martha's Vineyard was a little over two years ago for a project and I fell in love. It's such a magical place that it's hard to describe with words. I had never seen farmland with the ocean as it's backdrop. I had never watched the sunset while eating a fresh lobster on the beach. I had never done a cannon ball off of the Jaws bride...oh wait, still haven't done that. This time I used my nursing child as an excuse. There is also the fact that we appear to be 20 years older than anyone else attempting to jump off that bridge. Ahhh, but there's always next time. But since my first visit we have been back twice as a family and both times we stayed in this little cottage called "The Matchbox."
It's the perfect size house for our little family. When Remi walked in he said "oooh, piddy house" which cracked us up. He has never said that about any house he has ever been in and honestly the decor could not be more opposite than what we have going on in our apartment. I have taken note that he is obviously one who appreciates the classics.
The best part is the backyard, where we spent a good chunk of our week. Living in the city, I forget how awesome it would be to be able to open a door and let your kids roam free.
One cloudy morning we decided to take the ferry over to Chappaquiddick.We stopped by the Mytoi garden which was lovely. 
The same morning we drove to the far side of the island and walked the beach. It literally felt like you were standing at the end of the earth. So peaceful, minus the little boy who incessantly threw every rock he could pick up into the ocean. What is it with boys and rocks?
I of course had to make an Olan Mills attempt. Because not even Olan Mills could airbrush a backdrop this awesome. And I swear, good baby photographers earn their money.
And our most favorite thing to do when we go to Martha's Vineyard is to get dinner at Larsen's Fish Market in Menemsha and watch the sunset on the beach.  A huge crowd gathers every evening and when it finally sets, everyone applauds. Like I said, it really is a magical place.

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