Before and After: Semi Custom Ottomans

>> Sunday, July 14, 2013

My babies are napping and my husband is studying so I thought I would share a little before and after from last week. I have been working with a client for almost a year now on their South End brownstone. We had two pieces of custom millwork installed in the parlor to create both more seating and more storage. Brownstones are long and narrow so getting around the room seating, i.e. seating that does not simple face a tv wall, can be a little tough. So we decided to build in seating under our media bench that could be pulled out when needed, to create that around the room arrangement for say...board game night! or kept tucked away to save on space. Here is a visual.

My original thought was x-benches, but once the millwork was installed I thought the x-bench base would be a little too fussy. Then coincidentally I walked past this ottoman at Target.
I had the custom millwork designed to fit the x-benches, which just happened to not be a very common ottoman size (most are shorter). This ottoman was the exact same proportions. I also loved the fluted shape. I shot an email to my upholsterer and had her run the numbers for me to have something similar made or just buy this, and have it re-upholstered. The second made the most sense.  So I sent them two, along with six yards of one of my favorite upholstery velvets by Duralee and yesterday they sent me photos of the final product.
They added more padding and instead of nailheads I did a welt at the base and on the bottom of the removable top (to conceal the gap).

I'm pumped pretty pumped about the way they turned out.
And I'm always pumped about a good deal.

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