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>> Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One of my clients always reminds me that I never blog anymore. It's true. I don't. And honestly, it's not that I couldn't find time if I really wanted to. It's just that with the popularity of websites like Pinterest and Houzz, my own postings of random design images no longer seems relevant. That being said, I think there are some very talented curators who still do an incredible job at just that, Shannon being one of my favorites.  But I do feel like the blogging bar has been raised over the past couple of years. And instead of rising with it, I seem to have accepted defeat.

Not totally giving up, I thought I would pop in today and share a handful of kitchen renovations I am working on. I. love. kitchens. It goes back to my original love, corporate design. Piecing together a floor plan for a commercial space was like putting together a puzzle. Kitchens, same thing. Sometimes there are a million options, sometimes not, but it's a game of trying to find the best option there is and make it happen. 

First up, a project in Boston's Leather District. Until I got a call about this project I didn't even know Boston had a Leather District. We do. It's close to Chinatown and it's very cool and industrial, lots of loft spaces like this one...
During schematic design I use a lot of Sketch up. It's quick like AutoCAD but really helps me dive into the 3-dimensionality of a space right from the start. I really only use it for schematics, I never get into applying finishes or trying to replicate exact appliance styles, furniture, lighting, etc. it's much too cartoony for that. And as you will see from these images, I use a lot of the same blocks. But for the kitchen above this is where I am.
And a couple of inspirational images I am drawn towards. 
Next up...a project in a borough of Newton called Auburndale.
This kitchen reminds me of my childhood. It gives me warm fuzzies like the 1980's pediatrician's office I take my children to. Here is the game plan.
She wants terra cotta floors and the very first image she saved was this little gray number on the right, which also gives me warm fuzzies.
And lastly, you know how much I love small spaces, this little kitchen in Cambridge.
Which is going to be along the lines of something like this.
We're sticking with some white one white action for this one, which I'm pretty excited about.
Amongst other projects, that's where I've been and where I'll be for the next couple of months. I just put bid packages together for each project and we are anxiously awaiting our numbers. Then the real fun starts! 

Hope to be back soon to share schematic design plans for bathrooms in each of these homes!

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