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>> Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Favors are so much more fun when they are prompted by Rhianna right?

HUGE favor directed towards all you crafty ladies who probably used to read my blog when I wrote more about crafts. If you happen to be in your local Joann's store in the next couple of days will you take a look down the apparel trim aisle for me? I am looking for a box pleated quilt binding made by Wrights in a color called Citron. I need around 9 yards. Looks like this...

This is the story....
A couple of months ago I ordered this rug for a client.
The room needed some other citron to balance things out so I specified the Romo fabric in the photo above, which we are using to make some throw pillows for the sofa. Well one day I was walking through a Joann's store outside of Boston and came across this trim that was just about the exact same color as our rug. Lightbulb... perfect drapery trim. It was cute and crazy cheap and just what we needed to tie everything together. So I ordered 16 yards. I waited and waited and two months later they called to tell me my order had come in. I go to pick it up and it is canary yellow. Apparently they don't make the citron green color anymore. And it has the same skew number as canary yellow. So far I have been to 5 Joann's stores, in three cities, with no luck.

I would scrap the idea and just find a regular home decor type ribbon trim, but this is apparently the most uncommon color in the world. And now I'm in love with the idea of a box pleated trim and can't stop looking. SO, if you happen to come across it...it's not yellow, it's not green...it's in between, it used to be called citron. Calling stores has been useless because the skew number on the yardage I bought no longer exists, so they have no idea what I am talking about. If you found it you would have a best friend in Boston for sure!!! 


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