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>> Friday, September 14, 2012

The only time I can ever remember my boy disliking water was his very first bath, but who doesn't. Since then, he enters with complete joy, riping his diaper off at the sound of running water.   He was the only one to never cry when we dunked him in his swim class last Spring. He has never shed a tear over having numerous cups poured over his head to rinse his shampoo. The boy loves water.

One of our favorite movies of all time is Big Fish.  It is such a unique, beautiful, touching movie. Tim Burton is a genius. I cry my eyeballs out every time I hear the old man say my girl in the river, with that perfect southern accent that no one seems to have anymore.

I cry even harder when she crawls in the tub with him and says I don't think I'll ever dry out. At almost 31, I have finally owned up to the fact that I am an easy crier. I used to blame it on hormones or say I had allergies, but now I just confess. I'm a crier and I'm ok with that. And I too do not think I will ever dry out.

This past weekend we took a day trip to the Cape. We went to our favorite town, Brewster and rode bikes, ate seafood, and dropped by some of my favorite antique shops. On our way home we stopped by the beach and let Remi play in the water. He was completely in his element and in a weird way he reminds me of the old man in the movie.

He insisted on laying down right where the tide came in. 
Bryan held his arms just to make sure he didn't wash away.
Pure joy, my big fish.
 And just like the man in the movie, he gets pretty upset when we take him away from his element.
If you have not seen the movie, put it on your weekend to do list! It is the best. And so is my boy.

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