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>> Monday, September 24, 2012

I am working with a couple right now that just bought a big house in Newton. Between both of their families it sounds like they may be running a small bed and breakfast, so they wanted to look at some sleeper options for the living space. Let me tell you, good looking sleepers are not an easy find. Here are some of my favorites I came across.

 Hickory Chair
Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams Reece Sleeper

 Rowe Furniture Darby 
 Rowe Furniture Gibson

 Boston Interiors Brooke Sofa
 Lee Industries
Lee Industries

And this was the coolest thing I came across from Duralee.  It's an ottoman...

That turns into a twin bed. 

Pretty cool right? I'm not sure many people need a spare twin bed, but it's a neat concept. 

One other tough thing about sleepers is most showrooms do not keep them on the floor. So your clients do not get to sit on them before they buy them and I try to make everyone sit on everything before they buy it. 

In the end, I think I have persuaded them away from sleeping people in the living room. If apartment living has taught me one thing it is, people camping out in my living room for long periods of time is not my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE company. I wish someone would come stay with me every weekend. But Bryan and I usually have people stay in our bedroom just so they don't feel like we are barging in on them in the morning when Remi wakes up at the crack of dawn. Our little rooster has a twin bed with a trundle in his room, but who wants to sleep next to a 17 month old?? Not I.

But my client's house is big, so we decided we could find somewhere else to house the fam and keep the living room open for late night wine chats and early morning cartoons.

All "to the trade" furniture can be purchased through Sabbe Interior Design.

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