New Years Resolutions

>> Friday, January 6, 2012

I usually do not make them, but this year I did. I won't bore you with my list, which is not nearly as entertaining as Amber's. But one thing that you will not find on my list: Spend more time on the computer. Which is kind of hilarious because I got a new laptop for Christmas, but that's mainly so Remi can play in the safety of fort kid while I try to get a little work done here and there. I'm usually feeling better, healthier, more productive, etc. the less I am on the computer. You know, instead of blogging about things, doing things. My friend Susan made a comment last Fall that really stuck with me. She said "remember when people used to bake a cake, just to bake a cake, and not to blog about baking a cake."  And trust me, she was totally preaching to the choir. Don't get me wrong. I love me some blogs, but I am putting myself on a time limit this year, because I think if one of my friends hears me start one more conversation with "you know, I saw on this blog yesterday....." they might throw something at me.

Portlandia recently made it's way to Netflix instant streaming. We have been watching it a bit. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's like a bad SNL skit. But the very first episode had this scene entitled "Technology Loop" that is hilarious. Here's to avoiding the technology loop this year!

And then, in the name of accountability, if I do spiral out of control, send me this...
me before internet, and facebook, and twitter, and iphones, and pinterest, and blogs
and flat irons....although I do think I owned a pager.
Happy New Year!

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