A Merry Christmas Bloopers Reel

>> Friday, December 23, 2011

We randomly watched an old America's Funniest Home Videos Christmas Special this week. Mr. Sabbe and I both grew up watching that show and 20 years later, it's still funny. We got the rest of our holiday photos in this week and I thought about sharing more of my favorites. Then we scrolled through and looked at some of the outtakes, and they are hilarious, at least to us. So in the spirit of America's Funniest Home Videos and getting a good laugh out of someone else's awkward moments...I present The Sabbe Family 2011 Christmas Photo Bloopers, narrated by yours truly.

Mr. Sabbe getting his camera face confused with his "make baby laugh" face. 
Not sure how I thought putting Remi's foot in my mouth, as he dangled upside down, would be a classic Christmas card pic.
Another "it seemed cute in our heads" shot. If you knew my husband, you would see how very nervous he is with this whole kissing the wife with baby on the shoulders situation.
There were a lot of these...
"look at the camera Remi"
"look at the camera Remi", now using my discipline face, still no results
Mr. Sabbe's turn..."look at the camera buddy" while I'm wondering how many people are judging me for putting my kid on the ground in Fenway.

This one is just a hilarious because it's the beginning of a stint where Mr. Sabbe's hair goes a little wild on the right side...and it's confusing as to whether we are holding Remi or about to tackle him to the ground. I personally think my artistic touch of looking off into space really ties it all together.
He finally started to fight back.
And to wrap it all up...
We still can't believe this one didn't make the final cut:) You can almost hear the urrrrr sound coming out of my sweet husband's mouth as Remi thinks... are these two for real??

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season! See you next year!

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