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>> Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I read somewhere that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. That being said, I tried to go running this morning with my stroller and my tennis shoes were sliding all over the place. Runners and bikers share the same path on the esplanade. After a pretty professional looking biker bit it about 5 feet away from us, I decided it was time to go home.

My little guy is moving all over the place now. He was labeled at the church nursery this week as a dare devil, music to every mama's ears. So I have been putting a lot of thought lately into how I can keep him entertained indoors, for those days when it's just not possible to get outside. Otherwise he is going to find his own means of entertainment and that usually entails pulling up on something non-sturdy or chewing on an electrical cord.

Here are some very designer friendly playhouses I found. This first one looks like it would be fun to replicate out of cardboard boxes and white paint.
Basically every architect/parent friend of mine is simultaneously swooning over this one...
I am a long time fan of Homemade by Jill. Years ago she made a tablecloth playhouse for her little Oscar that I saved in my "one day" folder. Unfortunately, now that I have a baby, I have a pedestal table. Once you drape a table cloth over it, there is really no room to play.

These tepees that have been popping up everywhere are adorable, this entire room is adorable.
Ready Made Magazine had a tutorial for this pup tent. The photograph makes my heart happy.
And here is another great tutorial. This one is high on my list because it looks like it could be folded and stored, always a plus with apartment living.
Question: do babies really like playing in these? Ikea has some really inexpensive ones but I was not sure if it would be a "one time, I'm over it" deal or if he would really like it. Thoughts? 

Am I going overboard on the indoor play land? I think it's hilarious because I am the same person who 10 months ago swore I would not have baby stuff all over my house. I think I do a pretty good job of keeping it contained and putting it away for company, but honestly, baby toys all over my house also makes my heart happy. The mama in me definitely out weighs the designer.

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