Deal Alert {Chevron Rug}

>> Thursday, November 10, 2011

I told you guys several months ago that I bought a budget chevron rug for our living room. Well, I did, but it got sent back because I sent it to my old address. Sometimes I am very organized like that. I was sad for a minute, then I saw that Britt bought the same one and shared that basically you get what you pay for. I know this, but sometimes when something has the letters S-A-L-E next to it, I get excited and forget.

Today I decided to take another look and found this 100% wool one
I got the 5 x7 and with the 50% coupon code the grand total came to $115. 
That is cheaper than Ikea AND I don't have to drive to Ikea!

The only down side with wool is my baby will be covered in it until I vacuum it 100 times. But he has a wool rug in his nursery that has finally quit shedding. 

Go get one! And if someone says "I am so over chevron" (because people are so quickly into and then over things in this fast paced blog world) let's just tell them we are so over them:)

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