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>> Thursday, September 1, 2011

I wanted the title to be Craig's List Killer, but then I thought that might be terribly inappropriate. Point being, I have been finding some great stuff on Craig's List the past couple of weeks. I started a board in my Pinterest account just to keep track.

Dear Pinterest, you have made my job easier in so many ways. I love you.

People's junk in New England is the best junk ever. Remember Wayne's? I miss that store. With the baby, I have not been able to make it to Brewster this summer. I am working on a project with a lot of industrial/ reclaimed cues, so most of these reflect my train of thought on that project. 

 Vintage School Chair $35
 Vintage File Cabinet- $125
 Reclaimed Wood Tray - $150
 Mirror- $75
 Desk $50
Vintage School Desk $40

If you do live in New England and love buying stuff on CL, you must follow Crocodile Tears. She really finds some good stuff....and shares!

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