Tiny Art Made by Tiny Hands

>> Friday, August 26, 2011

A friend and new client of mine sent me this image today and I thought it was the most absolutely adorable idea. 
Created by designer Jan Eleni, it's a collage of dozens of little drawings made by tiny little hands. Design Mom noted that she plans on having one created every year for each of her children. I think I'll do the same. 

Graphically, it kind of reminds me of the sticker walls that are making their way 
all over the blogesphere this week.

In regard to things, I am not a terribly sentimental person. Because we've moved so often in our marriage, we tend to keep things pretty light. We have one little shoe box we labeled "memories" and if it doesn't fit, we usually don't keep it. But I'm sure once our little man starts making works of art for his mama and daddy, we will miraculously become the sentimental pack rats we said we would never be. The collage art is a great idea for those who can't bear to throw things away. Just yesterday I was cleaning out the 0-3 month clothes from his closet (because he can already wear 6-9 months) and I had a hard time parting with anything, even white onesies with big yellow poop stains all over the back. What have I become??
In other news, Rems discovered grass this week. I cannot believe in a week I am going to have a 5 month old. Where is the slow down button?

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