So Good I Almost Didn't Share {A Thrift Store}

>> Thursday, August 18, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that one of Mr. Sabbe's guy friends from the hospital, who lives in Beacon Hill, drives an enormous pick up truck. If you are familiar with Beacon Hill, you know pick up truck drivers are rare. It's hard to park a Mini Cooper in Beacon Hill, much less a pick up truck. But within about 5 minutes of this discovery, Mr. Sabbe's crazy, junk store loving wife calls to see if she can borrow this truck for a day. My mom was in town, free baby sitter, so it was perfect. I made the biggest used stuff voyage of my life.

First I went south and bought a pop up trundle bed frame for Remi's room for $100. I thought that was a great deal, now this week I see the same one on Craig's List for $50. Don't you hate that? Although we've already had company sleep in it (we bought new mattresses) So that was worth $50. I plan on making an upholstered head and foot board like this....

Then I went east and someone's nanny helped me load these in the back of the truck, $50 for two. Campaign furniture, I cannot get enough of you...
They both need a coat of paint and a little polish on the hardware. 

Then I headed over to Framingham and picked up this, also $50. It's solid wood.
Hang with me, I have a vision.
We currently have our dvd player and cable box sitting on a bench next to the dresser where we keep our tv. I know as soon as my little man gets mobile, this is not going to work anymore. So I am going to paint this guy, then remove the woven looking wood panels from the doors and replace it with chicken wire, and of course new hardware.  My first thought was glass for the doors, but that did not seem super baby friendly either. I found and liked this image...
I'm also really loving an accent interior paint like this

But the big find was not the random stuff I gathered, it was the store I found the last piece in. Re-Home Expo, in Framingham. If I did not already have a packed truck I could have gone nuts in this store.  Here are a few terrible iphone images. 
 I think this thing was like $100.
 And this piano stool swiveled up and down. If you've been reading, you know, I'm kind of obsessed with stools like that right now.
And this one may just be me, but I could see this guy polished up and looking awesome in an eclectic living room. I can't remember, but I think it was only $50. Brass is back...
So ReHome Expo, 49 Mellen St. Framingham, MA 01702. You. are. welcome.
If I go there next time and all the good stuff is gone, I know who to blame.

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