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>> Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am working on a project right now in the South End that I'm pretty sure I am going to want to live in when we are finished. Don't you love projects like that?

It's a tiny little place, and most of the industrial imagery I've been posting lately has come from things I am sourcing for the project. When I tell people that I'm an interior designer they always ask me what my favorite style is. Honest truth, I do not really have a favorite, nor do I care to "specialize" in one aesthetic. That seems so boring. But my this week favorite is the whole industrial chic deal. I love it.

I'm mostly pumped about how the space planning worked out. I bet if you walked through this space empty you would not think it could fit a six person dining table. but. it. can.....

 Like I previously mentioned, the stools swivel down from bar counter height to dining table height. So we're getting a two for one out of those.

This project is in a new building, so my end is mainly decorative. We are doing a custom pot rack I'm pretty pumped about. Pot racks are something I never really thought much about until this project.

Now I think about them all the time. Do you have a pot rack? Does having pots in your face ever bother you? One of my clients is tall (the husband) and the other is short (the wife). She needs to be able to reach the pots (reasonable) he needs to be able to get water without having a pot hit him in his face (also reasonable) It's become and interesting little design study.

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