Hey Good Lookin'

>> Tuesday, August 2, 2011

That's my little nugget's favorite song. He's the best lookin' thing I've ever seen.
But this week it also applies to the fabric I chose for the chair.
I'm going to have to feed ya'll this one in tiny pieces. I have a good amount of work-work to do this week, so who knows when I will get around to finishing this one up. But I love the jumbo scale on this fabric. Reminds me of one of my favorite Lonny images, but in my cuullaas (that's my Shelby impression)
Did I mention that it is indoor/outdoor? So my little guy can drool and spit up all day long and it should wipe right off.

Also, go visit Marianne's blog today! She's featuring the ABC's of me! You can check out my hair during the pre-flat iron days and Mr. Sabbe's cheeks pre-running around the hospital days.


Big day for me... Jennifer over at Rambling Renovators is talking about my new and old loves. I love me some Rambling Renovators. If we lived closer Remi would totally be booking a playdate with this little pumpkin.

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