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>> Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Sabbes love the lake. For several years we would join a group of Mr. Sabbe's best high school friends  for an annual Fourth of July lake outing, which always included fried chicken, an extra special mix CD featuring Lee Greenwood, and one or two third degree sunburns. I remember floating on a raft with Mr. Sabbe when I was a junior in college. Our friend's boat was anchored in a cove surrounded by some great lake front properties. There was one called Sunnydale. We decided that day, one day, we would live on a Sunnydale. And every time I mention never wanting to leave the city, Mr. Sabbe reminds me of that.

The lakes up here are different. Where we're from, lakes are muddy, but warm. Up here, the lakes are gorgeous, crystal blue, and absolutely freezing. If I never wanted to get in the water, I would pick northeastern lake front properties, hands down. But we're not much for spectating...

And for the actual house itself, just like the location, it would be hard to choose. I love so many different design styles. Here is one of my newest favorites from Tracery Interiors.
Did I ever tell ya'll that no one plays Lee Greenwood on the Fourth of July up here?
That just might be a deal breaker.

p.s. I totally forgot to ever pick a winner for the Joss & Main giveaway I hosted last month! Having a baby distracted me:) The winnner is.....WendyLou! I will send an email to coordinate details.
Thanks for participating!

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