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>> Friday, March 11, 2011

Remember the DIY cat box building I made when we first moved to this apartment? Did I ever tell ya'll that it did not really work out? It didn't. For some reason my otherwise very tidy cat would pee off the sides of the box, and onto the cabinet floor. It was probably on purpose to let me know she did not like my crafty idea. I miss that sassy cat.

But as I told you last summer, we have a hopelessly ugly bathroom. I will say, our last apartment bathroom was probably worse, but this one is no good either. You can tell it has been re-tiled in the past 10 years and my big question is, what is up with the ole' cup and toothbrush holders still being there? Since when has anyone used a toothbrush that actually fits inside of one of those things? Ours was rusted and so, so ugly that I decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed to rip it off the wall. Both of them. And so I did and last week I grabbed this little guy from Ikea to cover up the holes my impulse decision left in the tiles.
I threw in some mason jars for organization and a hand towel and I like it very much.

I also decided this week I would give a custom boppie cover a try with some left over nursery fabric.
I bought a waterproof liner a couple of weeks ago and used it as a template. I will tell you, it seemed like an easier project than it actually turned out to be.

In other news, I hit a column parking at the OB dr. this week and managed to do $1500 worth of damage to our car!....going 1 mile an hour! Thanks goodness we have collision insurance and thank goodness x2 that I married the kindest man on earth. Better news, my baby bubble is coming along very nicely and last night my sewing instructor opened my eyes to the wonders of the twin needle. My world will never be the same.

Last thing, I have several more remnant fabrics to post, I just do not have time to take pics today.
I will do one more post with everything early next week. Have a nice weekend!

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