The Nursery: Chapter 3

>> Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am a pretty decisive person, I really am. You have to be when you own your own design business. But I have been so indecisive when it comes to committing to design decisions for my little guy's nursery. I think it must be stemming from my nervousness about becoming a mother in general. Here is what I have committed to so far.

The paint color has been the paint color since we moved here this summer. It's Sherwin Williams, SW6211 Rainwashed. When we found out it was a boy, the first thing Mr. Sabbe said was "yessss, I do not have to paint the room." I'm not joking.

He did do a fabulous job of setting up the crib last week.

I am going to have to do the same drapery panel thing I did in the office. I may add some trim or ribbon around the entire perimeter on this side of the closet, we'll see.

I ordered the rug yesterday after emailing 8 different designer friends to confirm that I was making the right decision. What is my deal?

I have had my eye on the chair for a couple of weeks now. If you remember, I returned the Target glider after they sent the wrong color. I have a friend who has the Rena glider above. It's by Best Chair. She loves it and I loved the fact that you could choose from 300+ fabrics. I ordered it from a local store on Saturday with the "all natural" stain proof treatment, which will probably be best decision I will make for the entire nursery. With tax it came in right around $500. I was pretty boring with my fabric selection, but I figured this way I can use it for all the little Sabbe nurseries.

There are a million other things to consider. One big one is lighting. I have a floor lamp that I will probably stick in a baby proof corner. But I also like the idea of doing a couple of wall sconces instead, seems super baby proof. My sweet husband built the 9' tall shelf two weekends ago, it still needs to be painted, but I can't wait to put all of his cute stuff up there. Could you not stare at baby shoes for hours?

After reading this tutorial, I have decided to give a go at making my own crib sheets. I have already received a couple as shower gifts if that project goes totally awry. I am leaning towards something like this fabric, but I'm not 100% sure yet.
I will make a skirt out of the same fabric and we have decided to go sans bumper.

I may be aborting my wall graphic idea. I did a test sample in the corner and it was a little too busy. Although after seeing Britt's sharpie marker wall, I might have to give it another go. If you have not visited her blog, do not walk, run. It's awesome.
The only other thing I know is there will be bunting in some shape or form. There are some things I think I will always love.

That's it for today.

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